The Front Porch Country Band became America’s ambassadors of country music to the nation of China as the exclusive guests of the US-China Foundation. The band headlined for weeks on their cross-country tour of China’s greatest cities where they performed their Original American Country music to standing ovations on the world’s greatest stages.

From the moment the Boeing 747 touched down in Beijing, all six members of the band were greeted with smiles, mobbed for autographs, treated like long lost friends at every turn. "This is not the China we grew up studying in school," says Johnny. "They love Americans. They love our American country music. We couldn't believe it when audiences broke into applause with the first notes of our original songs."

The Great Wall. The Forbidden City. Tiannamon Square. "It's the oldest civilization on earth and they treated us to all of it," says Kimbo. "From Beijing to Shanghai, from ancient inland cities like Wuhan to the beautiful coastal city of Ning Bo, their country is stunning. rich with history and tradition - yet alive now with amazing modern architecture that can rival New York, Los Angeles, even Las Vegas.” Cranes and construction everywhere. They’re building for the future, and for China, the future is now.

Six band mates journeyed from the heart of Pennsylvania's legendary Susquehanna River Valley into the heart of Asia - and they took the great heart of America with them, representing their country's music with class and style. These were historic performances from seasoned artists who can ignite and entertain any audience. In any language. Anywhere in the world.

Here are the songs. This is their story.

<a href="">A Girl Like That by The Front Porch Country Band</a>

<a href="">Within Me by The Front Porch Country Band</a>

<a href="">Solomon Wind by The Front Porch Country Band</a>

<a href="">Bedroom Eyes by The Front Porch Country Band</a>
<a href="">Front Porch Swing by The Front Porch Country Band</a>
<a href="">Hot Rock Came To The Country by The Front Porch Country Band</a>

<a href="">One World. One Dream. by The Front Porch Country Band</a>
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