It was always about the music. Six superb session musicians. Consummate stage performers. Shared friendships and earned respect. Years spent separately and together in endlessly different combinations in studios and on the road in great regional bands. Openers. Headliners. Careers spent mastering mostly other people’s music. Ready now to lay down their own markers. To make their own musical statements. In their own style. “Original American Country” they call it. Cultivated and harvested in the rich green valleys of Pennsylvania’s rolling Susquehanna River basin.

And yes, the legend is true. A rock dropped out of the sky and this band was born. Just like the 30-ton meteor that exploded in that nearby cornfield, almost nobody saw it coming. But millions heard it when it hit. These singer/songwriters heard it too, during a recording break on their studio porch. Really. Within 72 hours they were suddenly making their own musical shock waves as their first hot original single rolled across radio airwaves. The kick of their hot country rock. The emotion in their classic country love ballads. Three different lead singers, 3 different drummers, everyone sailing on guitars. This is THE FRONT PORCH COUNTRY BAND. This really is different, exciting. Not a formula. Whatever the music demands. Somehow they manage to make it all look so effortless.

And maybe it actually is this easy when so much musical ability and experience come together in one place at one time. Tight. Natural. Intuitive. Just a look among them and they’re off together on the next riff. Where it’s leading not even the players know. But we know. It’s only beginning for them now. This much musical passion and talent and expression must and will be heard. Great historic moments have always been heralded by meteorological events. All of America has been ready for this for a long time, and we’re all listening. Because after all, it was always about the music.

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