"We wanted to help ... "

The Front Porch Country Band released these songs on September 18, 2001, written and produced in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on America exactly seven days earlier on September 11, 2001. Proceeds from this Special Edition CD benefit America's disaster recovery efforts.

Echoes Of Your Love. Every American was deeply touched by moving stories of victims making desperate final phone calls to loved ones as they faced disaster. This intensely personal love song will emotionally touch every listener.

American Skies. When terrorists attacked our airlines and tallest skyscrapers, they attacked international symbols for America's fundamental freedom of the skies. But our greatest freedoms and symbols survive the attack. The anthem for a new united America.

America Standing Tall. No American can ever erase the mental image of the Twin Towers' collapse. Parallels to the attack on America exactly 60 years earlier are inescapable. This ballad commemorates the story of a strong and enduring America still standing tall in the aftermath of both disasters.

Thanks for standing tall for America.

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