"Some say love was never meant for dreamers..."

THEY'RE BACK AT IT AGAIN. This time with a difference. By now, it's no secret that The Front Porch Country Band is known around the world for its "Original American Country" - which has expanded the boundaries of what many define as country music. Since spontaneously forming in the aftermath of the 85-ton meteor-strike which landed within ear-shot of their remote Pennsylvania recording studios in 2001, this band has traveled the globe as headliners - performing on the world's greatest stages, and dazzling audiences with their incomparable song-styling, soaring 6-part harmonies, and blazing guitars.

This 12-song album represents something of a departure for the band. For this project, the group's lead guitarists, Rick & Richard, have chosen to lay aside their "blazing electrics" to pick up their acoustic Martins & Taylors in collaboration with the celebrated vocal and instrumental talents of their fellow founding band-mates. Yes, they've covered some of this territory before. Indeed, as early as their first album, "Somebody Tonight," the band broke fresh ground with two all-acoustic "Bonus Tracks." Both acoustic songs from that album - "Solomon Wind" (#1 Folk Song) and "Christmas Once Upon A Time" (#1 Christmas Song) - topped their respective worldwide charts of then-online-giant

Now with "Acoustic Rain," comes the release of their first all-acoustic full album of twelve original new songs, each recorded behind the inspired acoustic guitar master of founding band member, Rick Buck. "This was an unusual and unique recording approach for this band," admits William John Christian, the band's producer. "These are twelve highly sensitive songs which we felt would best be presented behind Rick's guitar. We began by recording Rick's Martin guitar performances first - and then surrounding those guitar parts with the rest of the band's instrumental and vocal performances. I think we pulled it off, and we'll let our fans around the world decide."

"Of loves & lovers...lost and found. A musical memoir." Enjoy!

<a href="">Carolina Dawn by The Front Porch Country Band</a>
<a href="">Louisiana Line by The Front Porch Country Band</a> <a href="">Old New Town by The Front Porch Country Band</a>
<a href="">Port Of Spain by The Front Porch Country Band</a>
<a href="">How Many Nights by The Front Porch Country Band</a> <a href="">English Garden by The Front Porch Country Band</a>
<a href="">Number Nine Mine by The Front Porch Country Band</a> <a href="">Runnin' Man by The Front Porch Country Band</a>
<a href="">Sail Away Lady by The Front Porch Country Band</a> <a href="">The Who Put Song by The Front Porch Country Band</a>
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