North Country Bound

North Country
With the release of their latest new album adventure, “Here We Go Again,” The Front Porch Country Band makes their most powerful case yet for their own special brand of music-rapidly becoming known as North Country.

“Trail Mix”
Yet rather than merely settling for the release of a collection of great new songs, or even a great new album (this surprising “Trail Mix” of fifteen originals is both), this band sets a new standard, creating and releasing what used to be termed in the music industry a breakthrough “statement” album, an all-too-rare commodity these days.

Right out of the box
Right out of the box, Here We Go Again is instantly engaging. The album kicks off with a jolt, then winds along the back roads of traditional country, folk, and riverboat tunes, veers suddenly onto the fast lanes of blazing country rock and rock and roll, and then just as suddenly brings us back around, gently depositing us safely home once again. Along the way, we’re treated to more than this band’s music. We’re introduced to their personalities as musicians and entertainers. They take their music seriously. But from the drumbeat of the very first cut to the final notes at the album’s end, they never take themselves too seriously.

They Don’t Let Me Sing
Just give a listen to their delightful “hidden track” #15 “They Don’t Let Me Sing,” featuring the vocals of guitarist Rick Buck whose voice, presumably, we’ve never heard before and never will again! (The song is “used without permission-by a very close 4:2 vote of the band.”) This album stretches the all-too-neatly established boundaries of an entire genre of music. Indeed, it broadens and redefines the very concept of Country Music itself. Fresh. Essential. Different. True North.

Rock and Roll
There’s said to be a well-worn music industry adage. Question: What are the last three words you hear in Nashville? Answer: “Rock and Roll.” If true, the loss is Nashville’s and Country Music’s. Fortunately, this band is neither limited nor intimidated by such out-moded, shop-worn labels. We music fans are the richer for it.

Like many of the rest of us, these six American musicians were present at the revolution. And they haven’t forgotten. They remain inspired by the rock and roll revolution, along with everything else that came with it, from folk and folk-rock to country rock and, yes, pure rock & roll.

Of course, this talented team of singer-songwriters seem delightfully oblivious to all the stereotypes. After all, at heart, these are true musicians. Pure. And simple. This album may be their finest yet (from among their many fine previous releases so far).

Although this new album is loaded with 15 full-length tracks, all written and meticulously recorded and mastered in the back woods of Pennsylvania’s rolling green valleys, the journey seems to end all too soon.

Fortunately for the rest of us, it’s easy enough to simply hit the “repeat” button, then sit back, and enjoy!

Here we go again.